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Dear Aviator friends,

After the first enquiry, we have decided to arrange the 3rd bi-annual Earthrounder ski week Champéry 2009 from Saturday 7 March to Saturday 14 March 2009 in our chalet 'Gerenuk', 47 route sur Cou, CH-1874 Champéry. It is the first week after the end of the school holidays, so it should not be too crowded, plenty of snow and longer days.

About Champérry and Portes du Soleil
It is one of the largest international ski regions in the world with 200+ ski lifts which can be all accessed with a single ski-pass.
As you can see from the webcams on the first site, there is already plenty of snow!

We lodge for free (first come, first served..) those whom we have room for in our chalet, and if there are more than we have room for, we will either rent another chalet nearby or help you to find a hotel. And our chalet is almost full already! Priority of course for those who come and stay the whole week.

Preliminary Program and Dining
What happens?
Socializing on the ski slopes, having lunches on the ski slopes of Portes-du-Soleil and talking flying, either in France or Switzerland, then socializing in the evenings, in chalet 'Gerenuk' or nearby restaurants.

A famous chef from Vevey, Denis Martin (2 ** Michelin in Vevey!) has recently open a gastronomical restaurant 'C21 Le Centre': which we have not tried yet, but will try it out before the meeting. Should be excellent but probably not cheap!
Folkloric evening in the Cantine des Rives with local music and Raclette au feux de bois (potatoes and Raclette cheese melted over a wood fire)
For the first time in many years, our nearby mountain restaurant Cantine sur Cou: has decided to open up also in the winter season. Good place for a Swiss cheese fondue at lunch time if weather does not collaborate for skiing.

Who is coming?
CarolAnn Garratt, FL USA, who just finished her second round the world trip in her Mooney. This time a record-breaking 8 1/2 day westbound flight along a low level trade wind route:

Rolf Frieden, Switzerland, who by March will make a second interruption in his current round the world trip eastbound in his Comanche

Jim Nisbet from Scotland, who recently finished his round the world trip in a Mooney:

Henning Huffer, Germany, 4x Earthrounder from the pre-GPS days, 3x by Mooney, is trying to arrange his professional schedule to be able to attend:

Gary Burns, Australia, Lancair IV round the world in 1998, is also trying to arrange his airline flying schedule to be able to attend.

Paul Ryan and Alan McMahon, Ireland, Cherokee Six RTW 2003 have also expressed interest in attending for a couple of days, and most likely for a weekend.

Delfim and Clara Costa, Portugal, round the world eastbound by Cessna 210 in 2003:

So lots of Mooney drivers around and we will certainly have a lot of fun on the slopes and in the village!

A few pictures attached from the last Earthrounder ski week in March 2007.

Angela and Flemming

For people interested, use my CERN address for contact:
as it gets loads of spam anyhow!


Champery 2007

Chamery 2007

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